Learn More About Our Christian Preschool and Daycare Facility in Gilbert, AZ

About East Valley Learning Center

East Valley Learning Center offers a Christ-Centered enrichment learning program that is dedicated to children and families.

The foundation of your child’s educational journey is essential. The early years of your child’s development are also critical. East Valley Learning Center is a Christ-centered, developmental program for children ages birth to five years. Established in 1984 as Bethany Learning Center, East Valley Learning Center continues as a place where families can come for high-quality preschool and child care. As your child makes their transition from home to preschool, it is important to make the change feel natural and positive. Our mission is to serve our community by assisting families in nurturing and guiding the development of the whole child in a safe, fun, and loving environment. We will facilitate a developmental appropriate curriculum with a play based philosophy that includes goals for each child’s spiritual, cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth.

Brief History

For 30 years, East Valley Learning Center has remained one of the Valley’s leading faith based preschools. Founded in 1987, EVLC began as Bethany Learning Center an extension of Bethany Community Church in Tempe, Arizona. In 2011 Bethany Community Church merged with Sun Valley Community Church and the Learning Center changed its name to Sun Valley Learning Center. Through the entire history, the Learning Center has remained a staple in the East Valley for its focus and commitment to provide quality Christian education to the community. In 2017 the Learning Center accepted the challenge to transition the experience and reputation of the last 30 years to become the East Valley Learning Center located in Gilbert, Arizona. The doors opened and enrollment began in June of 2017. The school is already operating at near capacity. The Learning Center is now an independent, Arizona licensed, Non-Profit 501(c)3, board led preschool experience providing the same high quality service and education you have known for the last 30 years under the same professional leadership.

Our Mission

The mission of East Valley Learning Center is to provide a child-centered, developmentally appropriate education program in an environment that encourages children to grow closer to Jesus.

Educational Philosophy

At East Valley Learning Center, we believe that it is an incredible opportunity to identify each child’s diverse strengths and be intentional and focused on how children learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment that encourages a relationship with Jesus. We recognize the individual needs and differences of specifically regarding their spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, social development. We offer a high-quality weekday program to infants and young children that encompasses both self-directed learning and teacher-planned experiences.

We believe that families strongly influence their child’s early learning and faith development, so we partner with them to provide opportunities for involvement in their child’s development at the learning center. We see parents/caregivers, teachers, and the Board partnering together to provide opportunities for every child so they have the ability to grow closer to Jesus through developmentally appropriate activities.

Our Vision

  • To nurture each child’s uniqueness and purpose

  • To identify each child’s strengths and abilities to ensure learning opportunities are maximized

  • To encourage the expression of prayer, praise and joy in daily life and worship

  • To offer opportunities for children to express self and respond to the emotions of others

  • To foster the ability to make and keep relationships with adults and peers

  • To help children approach new tasks, difficult problems or challenges in a safe environment

  • To facilitate children in becoming confident, creative decision maker, constructive problem- solver and cooperative playmate

  • To provide a nurturing, responsive, consistent and safe environment for children to feel secure and valued

  • To build on children’s earlier experiences to learn even more complex ways of communicating, relating, exploring and understanding the world around them